In the new RS, I chat with Paramore’s Hayley Williams about everything from karaoke to Hobby Lobby (and lots more). Here’s a sneak preview. The photo of Hayley is by @lindseybyrnes.
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#paramore: Going to see Paramore at Reading and Leeds Fest this year? Make sure you get your Festival Boxset in time - available at on
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#paramore: Enter to win a meet and greet with Jeremy, a signed @ernieballmusicman bass and more on on
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Paramore’s debut album ‘All We Know Is Falling’ went gold in the US in 2009. Here’s a photo of the band’s celebration back then!
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I hope you guys understand how hard it is to get UHQ pics from photo agencies. I don’t have much free time but I’m working hard to get you the more UHQ pictures I can. I’ll always be uploading them to, and free of credit tags, of course - even if some are exclusive. they suck, right? :)

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Just added 3 UHQ photos from the #APMAs to our gallery: Working hard to get more for y’all! :)
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Original UHQ picture exclusively available HERE.
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#paramore: Hayley spoke with James Montgomery at Rolling Stone about the success of ‘Ain’t It Fun’ and why now is the best time to be in Paramore. Read the full interview at on
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#paramore: Check out Hayley’s Summer Playlist and enter to win a pair of tickets to the
#MONUMENTOUR on @refinery29 on
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#paramore: The photo pass winners for tonight’s #MONUMENTOUR show in New Hampshire! on
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#paramore: The new P-MORE tote bag is available now at on
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#paramore: Hey @katie_actually, hanging out with you today was so cool. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little bit! Gonna have to remind us that book you told us about and we are gonna tell @twentyonepilots you said hello ❤️👍 see you sometime soon! on
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#paramore: Check for some photos from the New York #MONUMENTOUR! on
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